Third-Partying with Snowflake to get the most out of your Cloud Analytics

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  • Business Intelligence (BI) → “analyzing, discovering, and reporting on data”
  • Data Integration → For Extracting, Transforming and Loading. Not necessarily in that order. It’s either ETL or ELT.
  • Advanced Analytics → “covers a broad category of vendors, tools, and technologies that provide advanced capabilities for statistical and predictive modeling”
  • Programmatic Interfaces → “Using native clients (connectors, drivers, etc.) provided by Snowflake, you can develop applications using any of the following interfaces”
  • SQL Editing / Querying Tools → “a variety of 3rd-party SQL editors and data querying/modeling tools”
  • Security & Governance → tools to “support a wide range of operations, including risk assessment, intrusion detection/monitoring/notification, data masking, data cataloging, and more”

Partner Enablement — Part I

Find below some of the integrations I already tried out.

  1. With Snowflake you want to load the data as quickly as possible into the database. For instance, one of the options is; Partner Enabled Data Loading with Fivetran into Snowflake.
  2. Another option to load data into Snowflake quickly is via Stitch. Partner Enable Data Loading with Stitch is similar to Fivetran.
  3. One of the preferred partners to visualize the data is Looker. Therefore we had a Looker into Snowflake.

Partner Enablement — Part I I

Alteryx is a Self-Service Data preparation tool. It integraties really well with Snowflake. Since Pong is an Alteryx Partner, Alteryx is on top of my list.

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