Sample Data on the Snowflake Marketplace

Secure Data Sharing

One of my most favourite features of the Snowflake platform is Secure Data Sharing. Snowflake’s architecture supports Data sharing while keeping only one live copy of the data; no copying, no moving, no delays.

  • Data Exchange → data sharing from your own Snowflake account; multiple organisations, multiple data sets
  • Data Marketplace → Snowflake ‘App-store’ for data

Snowflake Marketplace

Knoema offers it’s datasets on the Snowflake Marketplace. It’s relatively easy to get data form the Data Marketplace. In a few steps you can add a dataset from the Data Marketplace into a Snowflake account.

Snowflake Menubar
Explore the Snowflake Data Marketplace
Knoema Snowflake Data Marketplace



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