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select monthname(starttime) as "month", count(*) as "num trips" from trips group by 1 order by 2 desc ;
Similar results, although the Month Name is calculated differently. This can be explained by the below generated query.SELECT EXTRACT(MONTH FROM trips."STARTTIME" )::integer AS "trips.starttime_month_num", DECODE(EXTRACT('month', trips."STARTTIME" ), 1, 'January', 2, 'February', 3, 'March', 4, 'April', 5, 'May', 6, 'June', 7, 'July', 8, 'August', 9, 'September', 10, 'October', 11, 'November', 12, 'December') AS "trips.starttime_month_name", COUNT(*) AS "trips.count" FROM PUBLIC.TRIPS AS trips GROUP BY 1,2 ORDER BY 3 DESC LIMIT 500

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