Daan Bakboord

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  • Madison Schott

    Madison Schott

    Analytics Engineer @ Winc, health & wellness enthusiast, helping you get healthier in mind, body & spirit

  • Eric Arsenault

    Eric Arsenault

    Data Engineering 🔧 Web Scraping 🕷 Analytics & BI 📈

  • Chloé Lagrue

    Chloé Lagrue

  • Gary Sharpe

    Gary Sharpe

    I build back-end systems for moving, munging and synchronizing data from one end of the enterprise to the other.

  • Prash Medirattaa

    Prash Medirattaa

    Partner Sales Engineer — AI & ML at Snowflake

  • Jasper


    Writing tutorials about Data Analysis & Visualization through Formula 1 Examples

  • DataLakeHouse


    A data-obsessed organization with an amazing end-to-end Analytics platform offering ELT and Machine Learning capabilities for actionable insights.

  • Saša Mitrović

    Saša Mitrović

    Senior Sales Engineer @ Snowflake (https://www.youtube.com/c/betterpresales)

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