10 Reasons to read; "Rise of the Data Cloud"

Rise of the Data Cloud

One of the benefits of being recognised as a Snowflake ❄️ Data Superhero is that I received one of the first hardcopy’s of; “Rise of the Data Cloud”. A book written by Snowflake’s CEO and Chairman Frank Slootman and freelance writer and video storyteller Stephen Hamm.

This book covers; “How Snowflake enabled a global network of organizations to connect, collaborate, and achieve with data”. This all happens in the #Cloud, where Data can be more effectively integrated, managed and mobilised.

Over the holiday season I had some time to read this book and I must say, for me it is a must read when you are interested in the things you can achieve by using Data in your (professional) life. I will share my 10 reasons to read this book.

10 Reasons to read; “Rise of the Data Cloud”

Read this book and find out what is said about the following 10 subjects. All these reasons are covered in great detail in the book.

1. Simply Load & Query Data

The founders of Snowflake really had a vision about the problem they experienced with the processing of Data and how they wanted to solve this. I had been present at the Snowflake Summit in San Francisco in 2019 where Benoît Dageville shared the Origin of Snowflake.

2. Built for the Cloud

The Snowflake platform is specifically developed for the Cloud and makes intelligently use of the benefits the Cloud offers. The founders of Snowflake were determined to built a platform in the Cloud because the were convinced that the Cloud was the place to solve their challenges.

They did not just bring Snowflake to the Cloud, copying the downsides of on-premise to the Cloud. Snowflake is designed for the Cloud and the Cloud only. Read how they did that and about the choices they made.

3. Welcome to the Data Cloud

The Data Cloud is not just Marketing terminology. It is a real vision and a further development of the original idea.

It's very interesting to read about the idea behind the Data Cloud. It's not just a term to draw your attention. The Data Cloud is the next big thing in Data.

4. The Data Cloud

Snowflake started as a Data Warehouse built for the Cloud. The Data Cloud ellaborates on that original idea. It is a combination of Snowflake’s Cloud platform and the Data which is being collected, transformed and shared on that platform.

5. Network

The Data Cloud is a network which connects customers, partners, Data providers and Data services with each other. Although Snowflake can exist on it's own, the real power comes in when Snowflake in the center connects various party's together to collaborate with Data.


6. Snowflake uses its own technology

Of course Snowflake tries to sell it's product. It gives even more confidence to know Snowflake uses its own Snowflake Technology; :"Snowhouse” in her own business processes.

7. Customers to speak

Who can better tell and confirm about the advantages of Snowflake’s platform than the customers? In the book several customers have their say about why and how the use the Snowflake technology.

8 . Use Cases

There are several use cases for Snowflake’s platform. Those vary from Marketing to Service and from the Media to Healthcare. Reading about all these Use Cases gives you an idea about all the business processes you can support by Snowflake's Data Cloud.

9. Data Sharing

One of the most important functionalities (and probably my all time favourite feature up until now) of Snowflake’s platform is; “Data Sharing”. Secure and easy sharing of Data, without this Data leaving the platform.

The Data Sharing capabilities are key for Snowflake's Data Cloud. Storing Data is one thing. Being able to seamlessly share and collaborate on this Data is another.

10. Data Challenges

When listening to several technology providers you might think that using Data and being Data driven is achieved with a push on a button. This book makes clear it'’ not that simple. Keeping a Snowflake platform running is not without challenges. Things like Privacy, Data Governance and Security are a continuous source of attention for Snowflake.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It's nicely written and easy to read. Even for a non-native English reader like myself. This book gives some good background about the reason for the Data Cloud and its ins and outs. You will understand that Snowflake is not just another data Warehouse solution. Snowflake origins from a real vision of how to cover Data challenges. The Data Cloud is a further development of that vision.

Interested in reading this book? Get your copy here ⤵️
🌐 https://lnkd.in/dWX-WNd

Thanks for reading.


Daan Bakboord



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