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Daan Bakboord
Data & Analytics 📊 Consultant @daanalytics_nl & Partner @pongprof & Board Member @nl_OUG | Modern ☁️ Analytics #Oracle #Snowflake #Looker #Matillion #Fivetran

Finding the right dataset for a demo can be a challenge. There are several locations where you can find datasets. Recently I found out about Knoema. On Knoema there is a wealth of datasets either to achieve for free or via a subscription. Snowflake offers an easy alternative for you with Knoema datasets on the Snowflake Marketplace.

Secure Data Sharing

One of my most favourite features of the Snowflake platform is Secure Data Sharing. Snowflake’s architecture supports Data sharing while keeping only one live copy of the data; no copying, no moving, no delays.

  • Direct Share → one on one data sharing between…

Wat doe jij nou precies voor werk?

Deze vraag krijg ik regelmatig en ik merk dat ik dat een lastige vraag vind om te beantwoorden. Jij doet toch iets met computers? Nou ja, daar kan ik duidelijk over zijn. Mijn gereedschap is over het algemeen een laptop. Afhankelijk van mijn opdrachtgevers kan dat ook een vaste pc zijn. Ik kan echter niet zeggen dat ik ook verstand van laptops of pc’s heb. Mijn laptop en ik zijn onafscheidelijk, maar wanneer die stuk is, dan breng ik hem naar iemand met verstand van laptops. Werk jij in de IT? Tsja, ik werk veel met software en heb regelmatig…

How does Gartner position various technology players in the Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform market?

February is that time of year when the Gartner Magic Quadrants are presented. As I can see from my own previous publications of the last years, these MQ’s always lead to a lot of commotion. Is my favourite tool included in the Magic Quadrant? Who’s in the Leaders quadrant? If my favourite tool is not in the Leaders quadrant, which one is it in then?

A Gartner Magic Quadrant positions technology players within a specific market. Read how things work here. …

Rise of the Data Cloud

One of the benefits of being recognised as a Snowflake ❄️ Data Superhero is that I received one of the first hardcopy’s of; “Rise of the Data Cloud”. A book written by Snowflake’s CEO and Chairman Frank Slootman and freelance writer and video storyteller Stephen Hamm.

This book covers; “How Snowflake enabled a global network of organizations to connect, collaborate, and achieve with data”. This all happens in the #Cloud, where Data can be more effectively integrated, managed and mobilised.

Over the holiday season I had some time to read this book and I must say, for me it is…

Since last week Snowflake went public. Snowflake now is publicly available for trade on the New York Stock Exchange. What this Snowflake IPO means is explained on the Snowflake blog by Frank Slootman, Snowflake’s CEO.

“Frank Slootman completes his trilogy”

With the the Snowflake IPO, CEO Frank Slootman completes his trilogy. Snowflake’s CEO was already enjoying his long earned retirement. In his career he already brought two different IT companies to the public stock exchange. Both Data Domain (2102) as well as ServiceNow (2017) went public under his watch. …

Snowflake GROUP BY data Herous
Snowflake GROUP BY data Herous

Today, Wednesday 15 July, I had the privilege to present at the first online Snowflake ❄️ GROUP BY Data Heroes online event. For me personally a great opportunity to get more involved into the Snowflake Community. A fantastic chance to help others and myself to get better.

Special thanks to Angelica Coleman, Elsa Mayer an Kent Graziano for the organisation and the support.

DaAnalytics taking Snowflake SnowPro Core exams in the Pong office wit polar bear support
DaAnalytics taking Snowflake SnowPro Core exams in the Pong office wit polar bear support

Since early 2018 I have developed an interest in Snowflake, the Data Warehouse built for the Cloud. Although I have been working with Oracle for almost the whole of my professional live, it made perfect sense to me to also have a look at Snowflake. Not in the last place because some of the founders came from Oracle. When I started looking at Snowflake, I knew I wanted to get certified too. Last year at the first Snowflake Summit in San Francisco I received the first one; Hands-On Snowflake — Web UI. Now it was time to go for the…

Last week I wrote about the newly released Matillion Data Loader (MDL). Matillion Data Loader is a Code-free, Wizard-based Pipeline builder. My first MDL Data Pipeline was loading an Excel sheet into Snowflake. Creating Data Pipelines in Matillion Data Loader is relatively easy and straightforward. Time to try something else. This time I will be loading BigQuery (GBQ) into Snowflake. Again I will show how to go from Source to Cloud Data Warehouse in a few clicks.

Add Pipeline

First add the Google Big Query Pipeline to select data from GBQ.

Introducing Matillion Data Loader to load data from GCP into SnowflakeAs you might know I am managing the Data & Analytics unit at Pong. One of my responsibilities is setting the direction of this unit. One of our focus points is Modern Cloud Analytics. Therefor we have setup a few partnerships focussed on the Snowflake Eco-system. You can find out more about these partnerships; here. Unfortunately only in Dutch, but Google Translate might help a bit. Matillion is one of those partners from the Snowflake Eco-system.

A few weeks ago I found out that Matillion is launching Matillion Data Loader

Find scripts and snippets in the DaAnalytics-github, to setup and get started with Snowflake. This peace is inspired by the following blogpost by Venkatesh Sekar from Hashmapinc.

In this folder the following scripts:

Next, follow Venkatesh Sekar’s tips and try the following:

Good luck setting up your own Snowflake Sandbox. If you run into any issues, please let me know. I will do my upmost to help you out.

Thanks for reading.


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Daan Bakboord

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